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At Living Solar, we pride ourselves on our unrivalled commitment to personal service and after sales support  Living Solar offers an expert and tailored consultation and design service to ensure your Rinnai solar hot water

heater will suit your family’s particular hot water needs.

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Offering Melbourne’s most competitive Rinnai Solar pricing, Living Solar can provide you with the best solution for your solar hot water needs.  Living Solar has the expertise and experience to assist you with the full range of solar hot water options, from single units through to multi-dwelling developments.  We offer supply and install or supply only options.

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Living Solar can design, supply and install custom systems for high hot water demand applications, such as high rise multi unit developments, sports facilities, dairies and other commercial needs.  These systems can have solar pre-heat added to suit a wide range of budgets, with generous government rebates available.

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Total Greenhouse Gas Emissions saved

from  systems installed by Living Solar



Solar Contribution

*73% Yearly solar contribution for a 3 bedroom home in Melbourne

Victorian Energy Efficiency Target

General Info

Living Solar is a Melbourne based distributor of Rinnai Solar hot water systems.

Living Solar specialises Rinnai Solar hot water systems, as these are amongst the most efficient and cost effective systems available today.  Rinnai Solar hot water systems will not only reduce your carbon footprint by up to three tonnes per annum, they will also reduce your running costs by as much as $826.00 per year.

Each solar hot water system installation is tailored to suit the needs of each individual customer and their home. Whether it be a one bedroom holiday shack, or a seven bedroom mansion, Living Solar can design and specify the correct system to meet your needs.

Living Solar’s hot water installers do not take a ‘one size fits all’ approach. Rather, we take the time to talk to you about your individual requirements and design the system based on those requirements, while taking into account your home’s unique features concerning the installation e.g. shading or orientation.

Living Solar uses only fully licensed plumbers and gas fitters to install its solar hot water systems. Our installers offer the very highest service and expertise, and have had many years experience installing different brands, while specialising in Rinnai Solar hot water systems, including Rinnai Prestige or Rinnai Sunmaster solar hot water systems.

Living Solar suppliers can work in conjunction with your designer to fully integrate your solar hot water system into your new home or renovation.

Contact Living Solar today to find out more about how switching to solar hot water panels could benefit your family.


To help with the purchase of your new Rinnai Solar hot water system, both the Federal and Victorian governments have solar hot water rebates which significantly reduce the cost of purchasing and installing your system.

There are two main rebate schemes that you may be eligible for are Small Scale Technology Certificates (STCs) and Victorian Energy Efficiency Certificates (VEECs).

As these rebates can sometimes be difficult to navigate through and claim, Living Solar has made it easy for you by offering an upfront ‘point of sale’ discount on the purchase price of the system.



Under the Small-scale Renewable Energy Scheme, eligible small-scale renewable energy systems are entitled to a number of STCs.

The number of STCs that can be created per system is based on its geographical location, installation date, and the amount of electricity in megawatt hours (MWh) that are displaced by the solar water heater over the course of its lifetime of up to 10 years.

As a guide, one STC is equal to one megawatt hour of eligible renewable electricity displaced by the system.  You can calculate the number of STCs a system may be eligible for using the small generation unit calculator and solar water heater calculator or let Living Solar do the work for you.  We can deduct the value of your STCs from your purchase price, making the upfront cost of your system cheaper.

VEECs copy


The Victorian Government offers a similar scheme to STCs as an extra incentive for a household to reduce their energy consumption.  Rebates are available on a wide selection of products, including solar hot water systems. By replacing an existing electric or gas hot water system with a solar system you may be eligible for VEECs.

The number of VEECs that can be created per system is based on its geographical location, installation date, and the amount of energy that is displaced by the solar water heater over the course of its lifetime.

You can calculate the number of VEECs a system may be eligible for using the calculator tool here or let Living Solar do the work for you.  We can deduct the value of your VEECs from your purchase price, making the upfront cost of your system cheaper.

Compare Rinnai Systems

A model to suit every need


The latest generation of Rinnai solar hot water design is called a split system. This system splits the panels from your tank, therefore only the panels are roof mounted, leaving the tank down at ground level. This system utilises a circulation pump to transfer the hot water in the panels to the tank and replace the water in the panels with cooler water.

This pump is regulated by a controller that measures the temperature at various points in the Rinnai solar water heater system and is designed to optimise the solar contribution and, therefore, efficiency of the system. Split system are available in the Rinnai Sunmaster and Rinnai Prestige ranges.

Benefits of split Rinnai solar hot water systems are:

  • Higher efficiency due to better tank stratification
  • Easier installation due to tank being ground mounted
  • No need to reinforce your roof structure as only the lightweight panels are roof mounted
  • Low profile panels blend with the profile of your roof


This is the original type of solar hot water system, which couples the tank and panels in one package up on your roof. Close-coupled Rinnai solar hot water systems use the natural thermosiphon principle (hot water rises, cold water falls) to move hot water in the panels upwards into the tank. The water in the panels is replaced by cooler water and the process is repeated. Close-coupled options are available in the Rinnai Sunmaster and Rinnai Prestige ranges.

Benefits of close-coupled Rinnai solar hot water systems are:

  • No circulating pumps
  • Low Maintenance
  • Saves space at ground level, ideal for small blocks or courtyard homes
  • Wide range of Colourbond colours available for the tank to blend with the colour of your roof

Rinnai Sunmaster Split

system with Gas Boost

Rinnai Sunmaster Split

system with Electric Boost

Rinnai Sunmaster Close-coupled

system with Gas Boost

Rinnai Sunmaster Close-coupled

system with Electric Boost


Rinnai Sunmaster solar hot water systems are designed for the price conscious buyer. This system would particularly suit new home owners requiring the installation of a Rinnai Sunmaster solar hot water system to comply with 5 Star home energy ratings, but at an affordable price. The tanks are a space saving slim-line design which is perfect for today’s smaller blocks. The panels are an all copper and aluminium construction with the latest generation flat plate technology, which offers the very highest efficiencies and are also made right here in Australia.

Rinnai Prestige Split

system with Gas Boost

Rinnai Prestige Split

system with Electric Boost

Rinnai Prestige Close-coupled

system with Gas Boost

Rinnai Prestige Close-coupled

system with Electric Boost


Rinnai Prestige solar hot water systems are the premium models in the Rinnai Solar range. The tanks for Rinnai Prestige solar hot water systems are made in Australia from high quality, long lasting 444L grade stainless steel. The panels are an all copper construction with the latest generation titanium oxide (Tinox) selective surface coating, which offers the very highest efficiencies and are also made right here in Australia.

Rinnai Evacuated Tubes

Rinnai Enduro SP200B Collector Panels

Rinnai Demand Duo Commercial

Hot Water System

Rinnai Commercial Pre-heat

Solar Hot Water System

Collector Styles

You have the choice of either a Rinnai Evacuated Tube style collector or a flat plate collector.

Rinnai Commercial

Rinnai has a system to suit every commercial application, from the very largest residential home through to the biggest high rise multi-unit developments.

The key options are Demand Duo, Manifold Packs and Heavy Duty continuous flow units.

Demand Duo systems are suitable when high peak flow rates for short periods are required or when there is a constantly running hot water reticulation ring main system is specified.

Manifold Packs are suitable for applications where shower blocks are utilised (eg sporting clubs, caravan parks) where a constant outlet temperature is required and where peak flow rate will not be exceeded.

Heavy Duty continuous flow units are best suited where higher than average temperatures are required or where constant operation is needed (eg: cafes hairdressing salons, laundromats and domestic hydronic heating systems).

Solar pre-heat systems can be incorporated into all of Rinnai’s commercial systems.  Generous government rebates are available.


Does It Matter Which Direction My Solar Panels Face?

Yes. Due North is the ideal direction for maximum performance of solar panels for hot water, however, where this orientation is not practical, collectors facing within 45° from North are acceptable, with a small reduction in efficiency of approximately 5%.  Where panels will be facing either due East or due West, Victorian plumbing regulations require the system efficiency to be a minimum 70% to allow for the greater loss of efficiency.

Where necessary, roof frames are available that allow for panels to be installed on virtually any roof direction, while re-orientating the panels towards North.

The inclination of the solar collectors should also be considered, and ideally should be the same angle as the latitude of the installation location, i.e. Melbourne has a latitude of 38°, therefore the angle of the solar collectors should also be 38°, however a pitch within 20° of the optimum is acceptable, with only a small reduction in efficiency.

Why Does my system need a boost heater

All models in the Rinnai Solar range of solar hot water systems come with a choice of gas or electric boost heating.  Each gas boosted solar hot water system utilises a solar specific version of Australia’s No. 1 selling continuous flow hot water system; the Rinnai Infinity.  This combination offers the very highest efficiencies.  Where reticulated gas supply is not available, all Rinnai Infinity’s have the option of being LPG (bottled gas) compatible. Where reticulated gas or LPG is not available, then there is the option of electric boosting on all models.

Victoria’s plumbing regulations require a booster to be fitted with all solar systems, but it is usually only needed on days with low solar gain.  Electric boosting operates on a thermostat and will maintains a minimum temperature of 60°C in the tank during off peak times of 11pm – 7am.  On the other hand, a gas booster only operates on the solar tank outlet line and boosts only when the hot water is in use and only then if the temperature in the tank is less than 70°C as per Victorian plumbing regulations.

Frost Protection ?

All Rinnai Solar hot water systems have differing levels of frost protection.  To check which system is right for you, please check your postcode against this list to determine which type of system is right for your area.

If frost is an issue in your area, then a Rinnai evacuated tube system may need to be installed. These systems are rated to -12C.  This system does not require frost dump valves which can waste huge volumes of water and are not long lasting, or the need for a glycol based anti-freeze system which are inefficient and require routine checking and maintenance.

How Can I Claim My Government Rebates Including STCs and VEECs?

With your purchase of a solar hot water system, you may be eligible for any one of several federal and state government rebates. Living Solar can do the work for you: we can claim the rebate/s you are eligible for on your behalf and provide you with a ‘point of sale’ discount on your hot water system to the value of these rebates, STCs or VEECs.  This makes your initial purchase price much lower and also saves you the trouble of dealing with any government departments or facing delays in receiving your rebate cheque.

How Long Does It Take To Install A Solar Hot Water System?

Most solar hot water systems sold today are ‘split’ systems, which has the heaviest part of the system on the ground, with only the collector panels installed on the roof. The solar tank is not much different to install than a normal storage hot water system. If you have chosen a gas boosted solar hot water system, you can install the booster on the tank or on an adjacent wall. Most installations, including split and close-coupled systems, are installed in one day, so by the time you come home at night, you will have piping hot water ready to go.

Can You Use Plastic Pipe Work With Rinnai Solar Installations?

Plastic pipes must not be used between the storage tank and solar panels as these systems operate at very high temperatures and pressures. Insulated copper pipe must always be used with a solar panel for hot water. If a house is being plumbed with plastic pipes, it is recommended to contact the pipe manufacturer and obtain their specifications. The first metre of pipe from the solar tempering valve should always be insulated copper pipe.

What About The 50°c Legislation To Bathrooms?

As with any new home or major renovation, an approved 50°C tempering valve suitable for solar hot water systems will need to be fitted to all hot water lines leading to bathrooms.

Can I Use Rinnai Infinity Water Controllers/Touch Pads With My Gas Booster?

No.  Government requirements say the booster temperature must be set at a minimum of 70°C and be non-adjustable.


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